• Low speed for minimal wear
  • Also for higher dry matter ratio
  • Solid bearing

additional advantages

  • High efficiency
  • Tried-and-tested technology
  • Made in Germany

Business areas

  • Biogas sector

Suitable for

  • Gravity tank

Specially developed for daily operation in biogas digesters, it has now become an indispensable piece of equipment. Its four large mixing paddles mix the medium at low speed in a biologically sensitive manner. Even if the DS values are higher than usual the Paddel-Profi simply continues working, thanks to its high-torque drive. The maxim here is “less is more”. A lower mixer shaft speed – but better mixing of the medium thanks to the large mixing paddles.

The mixer shaft is installed horizontally and in a tank mounted on a frame made of steel girders. The exterior of the Paddel-Profi is fixed to the silo. An over-sized ball bearing and a mechanical seal on the external mounting, together with a low-maintenance slide bearing on the steel frame inside the tank, ensure a long service life with minimum wear. Once the Paddel-Profi has been installed, no further adjustment work is necessary. The drive element is a slow running parallel-shaft geared motor (Standard version 15 kW). The parallel-shaft gearing is significantly quieter and offers a much longer service lifecycle than a conventional planetary gearbox. The A-weighted continuous sound pressure level is at the Parallel shaft gearmotor below 70 dB(A). Its excellent efficiency means that power consumption is significantly lower than with conventional mixers.The Paddel-Profi – a whispering giant

The main advantages at a glance

  • Lower noise emissions [65 – 68 dB(A)] through the use of a parallel-shaft geared motor [at planetary gear >69 dB(A)]
  • Longer service life of the spur-gear stage than with a planetary gearbox.
  • The drive system is accessible from outside.
  • No cables or chains inside the tank
  • Low shaft speed is biologically sensitive
  • Four large paddles staggered alternately from side to side, ensure thorough mixing
  • Good efficiency lowers power consumption
  • Keeps running even at increased DS values
  • Heavy-duty bearings and mechanical seal for long service life
  • Robust steel construction
  • No subsequent adjustment work to the mixer is necessary
  • Designed for daily operation in biogas digesters

Specifications are subject to change without notice.