Agricultural sector

Agitators for all applications in agriculture.

Drive by tractor, electric or hydraulic – use in containers, lagoons, in slurry cellars or through slatted floors. Select the best solution from a wide range of high-quality slurry agitators “Made in Germany”.

Biogas sector

A wide range of products.

Our biogas agitators are specially designed for tough continuous operation in biogas plants. We offer a wide range of products for all requirements in fermenters, primary fermenters, secondary fermenters or final storage.

Industrial sector

Heavy-duty systems for industry.

Drawing on decades of experience with agitators in the agricultural sector, agitating solutions have now been developed and produced for many industrial applications. Municipal wastewater treatment plants, fish farms, industrial companies with sewage and drilling sludge, food processors and animal feed factories value our heavy-duty agitator systems.

Supply of biogas plants in Ireland of the Paddle-Profi type

For the biogas plants in Ireland, 5 plants of the Paddel-Profi type were delivered.

Paddel Profi
Paddel Profi

Buschmann slurry agitators

Agitation technology at its best!

These powerful slurry units all meet the operational requirements. Our sturdy construction guarantees the highest performance and long service life with little maintenance. The wide range of agitator types ensures the perfect mixing of different types of liquid slurry for each slurry channel or slurry tank.

Bearings and seals are sufficiently strong and designed for continuous operation:

  • Highest performance due to dynamically shaped agitator blades
  • Complete design in a sturdy welded construction
  • All parts are galvanised wherever possible
  • Smooth running due to balanced agitator blades