Slatted-floor agigators mixer Type „SPS“ and „SPR“

Slatted-floor agitators often provide a good solution in otherwise hopeless situations, for mixing non-flowing slurry channels.


  • Manoeuvrable and versatile
  • Two directions of rotation
  • 16 types available

Additional advantages

  • Many accessories available
  • Swivelling agitator blade
  • Made in Germany

Business areas

  • Agricultural sector

Suitable for

  • Slatted floor

They can be used with all mixers by lowering a mixing paddle through the gaps in the slatted floor of the cattle shed.

Mobile slatted-floor agigators mixer with quick change device for a wide range of locations

Minimum dimensions of the slatted floor gaps:

Slatted floor for pigs:

17 x 150 mm (5.5 kW) 17 x 170 mm (7.5 kW)

Slatted floor for cows:

23 x 190 mm (7.5–9.2 kW)

Drive motor:

Rating 5.5 kW–7.5 kW or 9.2 kW With Star-Delta reversing switch, integrated motor protection circuit breaker with undervoltage trip and a CEE device plug.

Quick change device:

The quick change device allows the mixing blade to be removed and replaced with another in seconds.

1st advantage:

The changeover from an slatted-floor agitators for pigs to an slatted-floor agitators for cows is carried out by changing the mixing blade.

2nd advantage:

The immersion depth can be changed by fitting a longer knife, because removing the mixing blade is a fast and easy operation.

3rd advantage:

The motor is lowered for transport. This achieves a lower centre of gravity. Because the motor can only be pivoted laterally to a maximum of 38º it is not possible for slurry or condensate to enter into the motor.

4th advantage:

The mixing blade can be attached offset by 90º allowing it to be used longitudinally in relation to the floor. This means that mixing can be carried out even in very confined areas.

Mixer shaft bearings:

The drive shaft runs on maintenance-free radial and axial ball bearings in the area of the clutch. This protects the electric motor mounting. In the areas that come into contact with slurry the drive shaft runs on slide bearings made of a special bronze alloy. In order to increase the service life of the special slide bearings, one half of the mixing knife is packed with grease. When the bearing points heat up the slide bearings are therefore automatically lubricated.

Addition of water:

A through bore in the bearing also allows water to be introduced to mix with the slurry. The volume of water flowing through the bearing can be varied using an adjusting wedge. For more comfortable handling, we recommend the castor set from the range of accessories. This can be retrofitted at any time.

Standard equipment:

  • VA stainless steel knife with shaft and fixed VA stainless steel blades, for sucking or pushing
  • Water feed to mixing propeller and bearings
  • Automatic grease lubrication system
  • Pneumatic tyres
  • The mixing blade is raised or lowered to the height required for different pit depths using a cable winch
  • Double pivot system. The lateral pivot system which allows angles of approx. 38º to the left and right expands the radius of action.
  • Elastic BIPEX clutch. The connection between the motor and the mixer shaft is made with a replaceable polyurethane cam ring.
  • Possible to offset the mixing knife transversely by 90º
Technical data - Mobile slatted-floor agitators with quick change device

Specifications are subject to change without notice.