Electric slurry mixer type L-E1-102

The L-E1 range of slurry mixers is fitted with an electric drive and V-belt gear reduction that protects the drive motor and is fitted with a belt tensioning system. It reduces the speed to 516 rpm.


  • Two directions of rotation
  • V-belt drive with minimal wear
  • With rain cover for the motor

Additional advantages

  • Additional PTO shaft available
  • Made in Germany

Business areas

  • Agricultural sector

Suitable for

  • Slurry cellar

This system has already proven highly successful over many years. The equipment is of a very low maintenance design. The E1-102 bearing system is used which can run continuously at up to 1000 rpm. The mixer is equipped with a large cowling which ensures quick access to the belt drive via a pivot. The air circulation required for motor cooling is adequate.

For optimum lubrication of the upper seal we recommend fitting an oil expansion tank.

As an additional item, we recommend the use of a continuous drive shaft with a 1 3/8” PTO spline in accordance with DIN 9611.

Thanks to this through shaft, the mixer may be driven using a tractor rather than an electric motor, achieving a higher mixing capacity. Where the mixer is tractor-driven, a means of mechanically disengaging the electric motor from the drive shaft must be ensured. This is achieved by releasing the clamping device of the motor and removing the V belt.

If separation is not carried out, the electric motor also rotates during the mixing process and burns out. Only units with a minimum driving power of 15 kW and more are suitable for use in slalom systems. Generally speaking, slalom mixing systems cannot be used. A meeting with trained experts is required prior to the planning stage.

Standard equipment:

  • Fully operational slurry mixer, excluding switch and interval control.
  • 2 support brackets, brackets for angle rail.
  • Propeller cage corresponding to guide rail, standard 625 x 625 mm. No surcharge for intermediate or custom sizes.
Technical data - Electric slurry mixer type L-E1

Shaft bearing: Roller bearing, maintenance-free. All mixer types inclusive of 1 propeller cage and 2 support brackets, brackets for angle rail. For combined operation, drive via tractor/PTO, a maximum speed of 1000 rpm for continuous operation is possible.

Preferred lengths: 4200, 4600, 5200, 6000 with motor ratings of 15 kW and 18.5 kW.


For automatic interval switching, pre-installed, consisting of a right/left switch, an automatic star-delta connection, a repair switch, an emergency-off switch, a timer control and type A: an automatical star-delta connection or Typ B: automatic softstart

Flexible and customised.

Various equipment variants, attachments and accessories are available for our agitators and systems.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.