Flexible and customised.

Various equipment variants, attachments and accessories are available for our agitators and systems.

Pipe reinforcement

Pipe reinforcement

Details: Pipe reinforcement
Hanging clamp

Hanging clamp

Details: Hanging clamp
Wheeled chassis for slurry mixers

Wheeled chassis
for slurry mixers

Details: Wheeled chassis for slurry mixers
Oil expansion tank 1l - All oil expansion tanks are supplied with hose and fittings, without oil and without wall anchors (version for wall mounting).

Oil expansion tank

Details: Oil expansion tank
The patentedcomparisonconditions50° wide-angle universal joint exhibits less wear in with an 80° wide-angle universal joint, even under of latent permanent angling.

Constant velocity
drive shaft

Details: Constant velocity drive shaft
Slurry mixer frame extension Longhorn type

Three point attachment extension

Details: Three point attachment extension
Drive unit with gear motor

drive unit

Details: External drive unit
Press-seal plates

Press-seal plates

Details: Press-seal plates
Gearbox flange

Gearbox flange

Details: Gearbox flange