Mixer tower pivoting series I

Mixer tower, pivots up to 360° depending upon the installation height


  • Versatile in use
  • Various accessories available
  • For the prevention of floating and sinking layers
  • Made in Germany

Business areas

  • Agricultural sector
  • Biogas sector

Suitable for

  • Gravity tank

Standard equipment:

Same as for the fixed mixer tower (galvanised).

  • The tower superstructure stands on a slewing ring and can be pivoted through 360°. It is a requirement that the installation height is greater than the height of the tractor!
  • The tower is pivoted by hand using the grips provided. It is locked in place using pins.
  • The overall construction has four supporting legs.
  • The drive shaft with universal joints is concealed within the bracing tube.
  • The overall construction is designed to accept slurry mixers of the E2–102–6000 range. Power transmission 77 kW (105 hp) at 540 rpm, 114 kW (155 hp) at 1000 rpm.
  • Corresponding counterweights with painted handles.
Technical data - Mixer tower - pivoting series I

Slurry mixer tower – pivoting

Galvanised, includes hydraulic tilt angle adjustment and 4 support legs, adjustable. For operation, a double-sided wide-angle drive shaft must be fitted between the tower and the mixer. The listed item numbers do not include the associated slurry mixer.

Special accessories for Slurry mixer tower
Mixer tower, self-supporting, pivots through 360°

Installation height 3500
Plus hydraulic vertical height adjustment 1600
Plus telescopic ladder
Plus safety working platform
Plus hydraulic pivot adjustment
Plus central hydraulic valve / support device

Agitor Type E2-102-9000
plus turbo mixing propeller
plus wide angle hinge shaft G-6
plus increased agitator blade
plus mechanical seal
plus oil expansion tank

Flexible and customised.

Various equipment variants, attachments and accessories are available for our agitators and systems.

Constant velocity drive shaft

Constant velocity
drive shaft

Details: Mixer tower pivoting series I

Specifications are subject to change without notice.