BoBuMix-168 large propeller mixer

the rugged version with the large mixing propeller


  • Adjustable angle
  • Fluid-wetted parts from stainless steel
  • All components outside of the tank

Additional advantages

  • ATEX gear motor
  • No installation in tank
  • Made in Germany

Business areas

  • Biogas sector
  • Industrial use

Suitable for

  • Gravity tank
  • Earth reservoir

The BoBuMix-168 is a large propeller mixer specially designed for use in fermenters and secondary fermenters in biogas digesters and a further development of the well-known BoBuMix mixer. The large, form-optimised mixing propeller ensures rapid mixing in the shortest time, with low power consumption.

The drive unit is a quiet, high-quality motor with an ATEX-design gear stage.

Components that come into contact with the medium are made of stainless steel. Thanks to a flexible compensator, which is mounted and sealed on the bearing block, the inclination can be infinitely adjusted between +/- 20°. Version for ceiling and wall mounting (orientation 30° left or 30° right) available.

Thanks to the large concrete formwork (optional) opening, the mixer can be installed or removed in one go without anyone having to work inside the fermenter.

Advantages at a glance

  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Maintenance-friendly design
  • The materials are matched to the application
  • All mechanical components are outside the tank
  • A large mixing propeller with a diameter of 1400 mm and a low speed of approx. 90–150 rpm ensure gentle mixing of the medium in a biologically sensitive manner inside the fermenter
  • Inclination continuously adjustable at any time
  • Motor output of 11–30 kW available
  • Quiet, high-quality drive unit with ATEX design
  • Swivel range device wall mounting:
    horizontally up to 40° to the floor, zero position at 20° floor inclination
  • Swivel range device ceiling mounting:
    + 20° up
    - 20° to the ground
  • Can be retrofitted on existing systems (following consultation)
  • Concrete formwork for easy mixer installation available
  • The compensator is up 20 meters floodable (as special construction up to 100 meters)
  • Low-wear SiC/SiC mechanical seal for a long service life
  • Ball-bearing-mounted modular shafts in the oil bath
  • Mixer tube with a diameter of 168.3 mm in a reinforced design
  • Inclination adjustment via spindle, optionally also hydraulically with hand pump

An oil expansion tank is absolutely necessary due to the pivot possibilities. This can be supplied as an accessory by the factory or ordered by this customer.

The complete previous BoBuMix type design is still available on request. Existing BoBuMix mixers can also be retrofitted to the new design.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.