Lagoon mixer Type E-102 lattice construction

We have a mixer that has been specially designed for mixing slurry lagoons - the lagoon mixer.


  • Bundled agitation jet
  • Adjustable agitator nozzle
  • Maximum lagoon protection

Additional advantages

  • Installed length up to 16,650 mm
  • For the prevention of floating and sinking layers
  • Made in Germany

Business areas

  • Agricultural sector
  • Biogas sector
  • Industrial use

Suitable for

  • Earth reservoir
  • Lagoon

This machine has multiple safety features to ensure that the lagoon liners cannot be damaged. In addition, the mixer nozzle, which is angled at 30°, offers considerable advantages in comparison to a normal slurry mixer.

Type “E-102” lagoon mixer – lattice construction Overall lengths from 7650 mm to 16650 mm

A development of the well-proven "Standard" lagoon mixer. It was specially designed for lengths totalling over 9650 mm and is available up to a total length of 16,650 mm.

The machine is supplied largely pre-assembled. For transportation reasons and depending upon the overall length, the mixing nozzle may be supplied separately and must be assembled on-site.

Upon request, the lagoon mixer can be supplied  in knocked-down form for optimum transport. The price will then depend upon the number of  sub-assemblies.

All other details are the same as for the "Standard" lagoon mixer.

Standard version

  • Slurry mixer type E-102 with one mixing propeller Ø 560, pusher
    Three point mounting
  • Hydraulic height adjustment, stroke length of the hydraulic cylinder 600 mm
  • 2500 mm hydraulic connector hose with quick connector
  • Mixing nozzle Ø 650 angled at 30°, overall nozzle length 1000 mm, with reinforcement ring at the nozzle outlet. The size of the mixing nozzle allows max. one mixer propeller with a Ø of up to 560 mm
  • Adjustment of the mixing nozzle by approx. 45° via an adjustment spindle
  • Overall length of the lagoon mixers from approx. 7650 mm to 16650 mm
  • The whole construction is hot-dip galvanised
Technical data - Lagoon mixer type “E-102”

Complete lagoon mixers, maintenance-free roller bearings, maximum permissible speed 1000 rpm

Flexible and customised.

Various equipment variants, attachments and accessories are available for our agitators and systems.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.