Lagoon mixers Designs for fixed installation


  • Bundled agitation jet
  • Maximum lagoon protection
  • Adjustable agitator nozzle

weitere Vorteile

  • Installed length up to 12,000 mm
  • Made in Germany

Business areas

  • Agricultural sector
  • Biogas sector
  • Industrial use

Suitable for

  • Earth reservoir
  • Lagoon

The framework structure is ideal for slurry lagoons. Because of its stationary operation it is no longer necessary to move the machine. In order to assemble the system, both ends must be attached to a concrete plinth. The framework structure is manufactured of stainless steel and is therefore of a long-life design. Using a lever on the tractor side the nozzle and therefore the mixing stream can be adjusted by 15° in both directions.

The mixing propeller is protected by an additional tunnel of rings and steel plates. If a slurry lagoon is covered with a floating plastic sheet, then this will prevent the sheet from being sucked in and becoming damaged. The standard length of the framework construction is suitable for a mixer that is 6.0 m or 9.0 m or 12.0 m long agitator. Special lengths up to 18 metres can be supplied.

Mixers of the E1/HEM-102 range in the “oil filled” or “oil filled with mechanical seal”, versions can be supplied for this purpose. For occasional use the “oil filled” (sealed with shaft seals) version is sufficient. However, for longer operating times we recommend using the “oil filled with mechanical seal” version. The mixer is available either in galvanised steel or stainless steel. For optimum lubrication of the upper seal we recommend the fitting of an oil expansion tank.

Alternatively, an electric mixer can be fitted onto the framework construction. Here, we recommend our Speed range of mixers.

The scope of supply of the framework construction includes the basic frame with the nozzle, the mixing nozzle remote adjustment system and the protective rings. The whole construction is manufactured of stainless steel.

The mixer itself, in its various different versions, is a separate item.

Technical data - Lagoon mixers for fixed installation

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