Type L-E2 electric mixer

The Type L-E2 electric mixer is fitted with an electric motor.


  • Two directions of rotation
  • Versatile in use
  • V-belt drive with minimal wear

Additional advantages

  • With attached reversing switch
  • Made in Germany

Business areas

  • Agricultural sector
  • Industrial use

Suitable for

  • Gravity tank
  • Earth reservoir

The outside tube, drive shaft and bearing dimensions are the same as for the E2-102.

For oil-filled mixers we recommend the fitting of an oil expansion tank to ensure optimum lubrication of the upper seal. The mixer is driven by the side-mounted electric motor via an elastic V-belt gear reduction that protects the motor and is fitted with a belt tensioning system. (Mixing propeller speed 516 rpm). The mixer is fitted with a large motor cowling that allows fast access to the belt drive via a pivot point. Sufficient air circulation is ensured for cooling the motor. The Star-Delta reversing circuit fitted to the motor (with CEE device plug) allows use as a suction or pusher mixer.

Electric mixers of the L-E2 range can be quickly converted to an annular channel mixer by attaching a propeller cage. Using this method, mixer lengths of up to 1200 mm can be supplied. A wheeled chassis is available for transporting the mixer.

The lengths 4200, 4600, 5200 and 6000 are preferred, with motor ratings of 15 and 18.5 kW.

While all other lengths are listed and can be supplied, these are considered custom-made products. Custom-made products cannot be exchanged!

Electric slurry mixer Type L-E2 (516 rpm)

Includes 1 installed switching unit with CEE device plug, star-delta reversing switch, motor protection circuit breaker and undervoltage trip. Shaft bearing: Maintenance-free roller bearing. All mixer types include 1 propeller skid. Outside tube Ø 102 mm.

Flexible and customised.

Various equipment variants, attachments and accessories are available for our agitators and systems.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.