Electric mixer type Speed

The Speed range of slurry mixers is equipped with an electric drive and a V-belt gear reduction that is fitted with a belt tensioning system.


  • Proven biogas technology
  • High efficiency
  • Two directions of rotation

Additional advantages

  • Best in slalom system
  • With PTO connection
  • Made in Germany

Business areas

  • Agricultural sector
  • Biogas sector
  • Industrial use

Suitable for

  • Slurry cellar
  • Gravity tank
  • Earth reservoir

The V-belt offers maximum protection for the drive motor and against breakage of the drive shaft should the mixing propeller become obstructed by a foreign object. 6-pole drive motors running at 1000 rpm are used for this mixer type. The high-torque electric motors allow for propeller speed ranges from 300-400 rpm, depending on the size. Thanks to the high torque, propeller diameters of 500-600 mm are possible. Efficiency is far above that achieved by the standard electric motor, which runs at 1450 rpm. The mixer is supplied as standard with a pusher propeller but excluding switch and interval timer control. The mixer can be retrofitted with an angled drive making it suitable for virtually any application. The three-part drive shaft is of a modular design. The upper and lower sections of the drive shaft are fitted with 2 taper roller bearings each, while the centre shaft section has a deep groove ball bearing. The maximum bearing spacing is 1500 mm. An example: A mixer with a length of 5200 mm has 7 bearings: 4 taper roller bearings and 3 radial bearings ensure safe, long-life operation. The machine is of a very low maintenance design. The bearing and drive systems correspond with those of the biogas mixer 1031 and are designed for continuous operation, 24/7, up to 1000 rpm. The mixer is completely filled with oil. The drive shaft is sealed by means of a SiC/SiC mechanical seal. Oil level checks are carried out at the oil expansion tank which is installed to the side and which compensates for fluctuating oil volumes caused by varying temperatures. The front drive shaft is equipped with a PTO spline in accordance with DIN 9611 which enables combined electric/tractor drive operation. If a tractor is used, the V-belts must be removed. The front drive shaft is sealed using a cartridge seal with 6 integrated sealing systems. The special seal is moisture proof. Air humidity and rain ingress are therefore no longer an issue.

Standard equipment of the mixer Type Speed:

  • Mixer tube as seen on the 1031 biogas mixer design, with welded-on deflector ring an lifting device.
  • Propeller cage, square 625–625 or 700–700, depending upon motor rating. Other sizes on request.
  • Motor cowling
  • Oil filling
  • Mechanical seal SiC/SiC
  • Oil expansion tank
  • 2 supports, matching the mixer base size
  • Through shaft with PTO spline to 1 3/8” DIN 9611 for combined operation
Technical data - Electric mixer type Speed

For automatic interval switching, pre-installed, consisting of a right/left switch, an automatic star-delta connection, a repair switch, an emergency-off switch, a timer control and type A: an automatical star-delta connection or Typ B: automatic softstart

Flexible and customised.

Various equipment variants, attachments and accessories are available for our agitators and systems.



Details: Electric mixer type Speed
Installation box with guide rail

Installation box
guide rail

Details: Electric mixer type Speed

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