Mixing propellers

Thanks to their dynamic shape, our mixing propellers ensure the maximum efficiency of your slurry system. Balanced mixing blades ensure smooth running.

Standard mixing propeller

Rührflügel Standard
Rührflügel Standard
  • All-round propeller for any application

  • Ensures high efficiency even in reverse operation

Options available are

  1. suction or
  2. pusher.

The propeller is made of painted steel or stainless steel. Standard mixing propeller diameters: Ø 560 mm und Ø 600 mm. Other sizes: Ø 220 mm to Ø 600 mm available at short notice, above Ø 600 mm made to order.

Slurry mixer propeller capacity and power requirements

The power requirements have been measured under extreme conditions. Under normal conditions, approx. 10% less power is required

Please state whether you require a suction or pusher propeller and the mixer type when ordering.

Turbo propeller

Rührflügel Turbo
Rührflügel Turbo

The shape of the Turbo mixing propeller ensures maximum performance. The concentrated agitation jet allows for maximum deep mixing. The Turbo mixing propeller is well suited for open slurry systems.

As a result of its design, the Turbo mixing propeller achieves optimum efficiency in one flow direction only. Operation with a reversing box is not recommended because the propeller does not achieve any mixing capacity in reverse operation.

The Turbo mixing propeller can be ordered in all blade sizes, optionally as a suction or pusher propeller. Turbo mixing propellers are available in painted and stainless steel versions.

Technical data - Turbo propeller

Folding propeller

Rührflügel klappbar
Rührflügel klappbar

For narrow access holes from an internal diameter of 250 mm, the folding propeller provides an optimum method of slurry mixing. The folding propeller automatically opens as a result of resistance from the slurry and is only pushing to this use and only suitable for one rotational direction. Folding mixing propellers are available in painted and stainless steel versions.

Standard mixing propeller diameter: Ø 500 mm (open)

Technical data - Folding propeller

Specifications are subject to change without notice.